The Book That Has Blown My Mind

This book has been blowing my mind over the last couple of days. Every few years I’ll find something that rocks my world, but none as done it quite like Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari. The use of word “revolutionary” is kind of my pet peeve, being applied to almost everything from mascara to dishwashers (none of which should be using an adjective stronger than “interesting”). But this book really, truly is revolutionary. It’s non-fiction but told in a super interesting and thought-provoking way. I’d like to give a copy to every single person I know; it’s that good.  Just read it*.

Chasing Scream



*Yes, Mom, there are some swears in it. Read it anyway. I would even recommend it to the President of the Church, if that tells you anything.



If you buy it through my link to Amazon I will make, like, one meeellion dollars

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