Preparedness Week 23–Batteries

Since we did flashlights last week it only makes sense to buy batteries this week. Is there such a thing as too many batteries? No. Not even.

If I were you I would buy at least a ten-pack of everything. If I were me I would buy at least twice that much because we go through batteries like they were giving away a prize. And unlike canned soup, batteries last for quite a while. Wait, so does canned soup. Anyway, my point is that it’s not like your batteries are going to go rotten. So you should stock up.

I know batteries are spendy. But we’re getting into snowstorm weather and you can’t go wrong having too many batteries.

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One thought on “Preparedness Week 23–Batteries

  1. UGH. Batteries cost SO much. And I know how fast you burn through them, especially when you have 3 kids who have a special talent for leaving every battery-operated item on earth in the ON position. But I also know I’ll kick myself around the block if there’s ever a need and I DON’T have batteries!

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