Preparedness Week 22–Flashlights

I know what you’re thinking: “We have tons of flashlights!”  Uh huh. Sure you do. Go find three working flashlights. Right now. You have 90 seconds.

I’ll bet you can’t! If you’re like me you have kids who somehow manage to find all flashlights and break them. Really, how does someone make a flashlight non-operational?

So this is your charge this week. Buy one flashlight for every person in your house. If there’s just you, get two.  I think at least one should be the kind you can wear around your head like a miner forty-niner. There’s nothing as lame as trying to hold a flashlight in your mouth while you’re trying to get something done in the dark!

Splurge on big fancy mag-lights or get a bunch of cheapos at the dollar store. That part’s totally up to you. But buy some flashlights and hide them in a place that you will remember! (Ours are stashed on top of the cupboard over the microwave. Easy to get to in case of emergency but offbeat enough that nobody–AKA kids–will ever find them.) Of course if there are only grow-ups at your house you don’t need to hide them at all. But that’s still light years away from my lifestyle.

You can try signs like this but they don’t work. At all.

flashlight sign


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One thought on “Preparedness Week 22–Flashlights

  1. Ya. I really truly have at least 5 working flashlights. But I’ve hid them from my kids so well that I have no idea where they are. Every once in a while I run into one and I’m like, “Oh! There’s that flashlight! Oh, this is a good spot.” And then I promptly forget where I saw it.

    It’s also good to have a lantern of some sort. The headlamps area great, but for an overall light like fixing a meal or eating a meal with family, you really need something that doesn’t have a narrow beam.

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