Preparedness Week 15–Pasta

So, did you have a nice break from worrying about food storage? Let’s get back down to business here. You will most likely be traveling this summer at some point so let’s have this be preparedness every-other-week for the next few weeks. On the off-weeks you can catch up with any items you might have missed before.


This week let’s concentrate on pasta and noodles. Pasta is fantastic because it’s one of those comfort foods that can be served a million different ways. Dress it up with a homemade marinara sauce that’s been simmering all day, or throw a box of mac and cheese together when you’re too tired to manage anything else. Pasta is always perfect. (Unless you’re eating paleo. But let’s not go there today.) It’s also cheap! Yay for filling, cheap food!

The sky’s the limit this week. Whether you prefer spaghetti, egg noodles, macaroni or some of everything, this is your chance to stock up. I like to buy one pound bags and store several in jumbo ziplocs to keep out the weevils. Weevils just adore pasta.

I would recommend between 3-5 bags of pasta per person. That’s about 25 bags for us. It seems like a lot but you just can’t go wrong with pasta. If you need gluten free then you might want to chip away at this since that’s a little pricier. Don’t forget asian glass noodles! They’re a great gluten-free option too!

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One thought on “Preparedness Week 15–Pasta

  1. have you ever tried to make pasta? it seems difficult but it isn’t!
    it’s better and cheaper! 🙂

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