Europe Trip, Day 10 (Leaving Paris)

The last day of vacation is always so sad. How does time go so fast? How did we leave so many things unseen? There were so many places I wanted to see that we simply couldn’t fit in. That just means we’ll have to come back again. Here are a few last images of Paris (I don’t know how I got so many shots of York since he HATES having his picture taken). Of course we need to commemorate York, sleeping on every bus, train and subway we came across.

York sleeping on bus












lady brige


Au Revoir, Paris!

Paris Notre Dame Artsy

Back to Austin through Heathrow. So many choices! So many exotic locations!

Departures from Heathrow

And finally back home. This is when you know vacation is really over: when it looks like your suitcase vomited all over your bedroom. Sigh.

After trip chaos

Everyone survived. We had a wonderful time and the next two kids are already asking when we’ll take a trip with them. So glad you could join us on our holiday!

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One thought on “Europe Trip, Day 10 (Leaving Paris)

  1. What a wonderful tour of London and Paris! I enjoyed every minute of your tour! Every photo, movie, and explanation!

    And a comment on artists showing babies in gravity-defying poses: those are gods and goddesses, are they not? And godletts? Obviously, being celestial, THEY HAVE NO WEIGHT!
    I’m sure the ladies tuck little anti-grav machines into a wad of their gowns to keep the private areas covered with no other means of support. I was especially intrigued by the lady who is holding a baby by the waist at arm’s length with 4 tender, gracefully curved fingers. In mortality, a woman would have to have dug her fingers knuckle deep into that little tummy to keep the baby from plummeting to the ground! (The artists and sculptors were all men, right?)

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