Preparedness–Week 11 Disposable Plates/Utensils

Man, am I a flake. I didn’t even realize I missed posting my preparedness item! Sorry about that. Although for all I know, I’m standing at the side of the Grand Canyon with my voice echoing and nobody around to hear. But maybe there are a bunch of lurkers who are very quietly stocking up when I tell them to.

Anyhoo, our items this week are paper plates, cups and utensils. Imagine if the water supply were interrupted. What would you use to eat off of? It’s kind of hard to keep dishes clean if there’s no water. Plus you’d be too stressed wot worry about cleaning anyway. Thus I have issued my decree for disposable dishes and silverware.

I’d suggest getting big old piles of this stuff. You can always use it for a BBQ or something if the world doesn’t end. It’s never going to go bad or need to be thrown away so you might as well buy a whole bunch of these items.

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5 thoughts on “Preparedness–Week 11 Disposable Plates/Utensils

  1. I have to admit, I am one of those “lurkers” quietly stocking up! I love your blog, your humor, and your approach to life. I never comment, so I just thought I should step it up today and let you know that there are people out there reading your blog and love it. I just have your blog bookmarked and I check it a few times a week. I have appreciated your preparedness tips and ideas every week. Thanks!

  2. I lurk and try and follow the preparedness (not so much for the end of the world, but for the recurring natural disasters.)

  3. Perpetual lurker here. (Hangs head in shame….)

    Another great thing about having lots of paper plates and such is when life happens like medical emergencies or having babies, just use the paper. My biggest wish is that someone made paper pots and pans too so that I could just throw it all away when real life gets in the way of picture perfect life. Also, I try to remember to give a package of paper plates/cups/bowls and such when I take meals to other people having a rough go.

    Oh, I almost forgot, I FINALLY found the Sasha Kashuk mascara at Target. Only one, but it sure came home with me.

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