Preparedness Week 10–Chili and Stew

This week we’re buying chili and/or stew to get prepared. Very few foods are as easy, filling and nutritious all at once. Just pop open a can and heat. What could be easier? And if worst comes to worst, you don’t even need to heat it up.

It’s up to you whether you would prefer chili with or without beans. I like beans because, well, I like beans. They’re good for you and they fill you up. I prefer chili over stew since it sticks to your ribs better. But you can buy whatever you and your family prefers. Just stay away from condensed soups because the point here is to have food that doesn’t require a whole lot of preparation.

I would recommend around ten cans per person. Yes, that’s a lot of chili. Yes, that’s expensive. Yes, the lady at the checkout counter is going to think you are a nutball.  Do you want to be prepared or not? Just think about all the crap you buy for Easter baskets. And that’s for like a day.  Your food storage is going to matter a whole lot more than Easter candy so just do it!

Throw a bunch of cans in your shopping cart the next time you’re at the store. Get it done. That’s the name of the game.

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