Preparedness Week 8–Cereal

cereal bowls
This week we’re going to stock up on cereal. Dry cereal, that is. Cheerios, Cookie Crisp, granola–whatever strikes your fancy. Cereal may not be the most filling food but it’s something that just about everybody likes. And sometimes that’s what you need most. It’s easy and the only ingredient you need is milk (and maybe a little sugar if you get one of those healthy kinds).

If you’re a mom, one of the most common complaints is that everybody will eat cereal up in no time. While that is a bummer (the stuff is not cheap, after all) at least you don’t need to worry about rotating it! And if your family is one of those who doesn’t eat cereal, well I don’t really know what to say. Obviously you’ve never eaten Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch because that stuff is goooood.

I would recommend at least a couple of boxes per person. Yes, it’s going to be expensive. But at least you know it’s going to be eaten. Just bite the bullet and remember that the prophet commanded us to have a three-month supply of food we normally eat. So I guess that means the prophet wants us to buy cereal!

And a couple of people have asked about eating this three-month supply of food. Yes, you re supposed to be eating this stuff! Rotating through your food storage is definitely the way to go. I mean, you can buy all this stuff and lock it away, never to be thought of unless things get tough. But you’ll probably end up throwing most of the food away after a while.

The idea here is to get food that your family eats so that you will eat it! And then you’ll have to restock. It’s just like regular grocery shopping except in larger quantities.

You can do this! Make it easy and just get it done!

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