Preparedness Week 5–Rice

In case you haven’t noticed, Tuesday is working out better for me for posting new items. So wrap your mind about checking in on Tuesdays. ┬áRemember, this is supposed to be easy and do-able. Just buy as much of these items as you can afford/have room for each week. No comparison shopping or waiting for a trip to Costco. Just get it done!

This week we’ll be buying rice. 3-5 lbs per person is a beginning amount. I recommend putting smaller bags in a larger ziplock bag to keep out the weevils. They love rice! If you ended up getting a giant 25 lb bag, then that’s obviously not a possibility. Just pray for no weevils!

Did you know that the shorter grain of rice you get, the stickier it is? Long grain is nice and fluffy and is great plain or in pilaf. It’s the traditional kind of rice that Americans prefer. Medium grain is the kind of sticky rice you find at Chinese restaurants (it’s my favorite!). Short grain rice is the stickiest and is perfect for things like sushi.

Feel free to get brown rice too, if that’s something your family likes. We buy Texmati as well as medium grain. I’m going to throw some quinoa in my cart this week too.

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3 thoughts on “Preparedness Week 5–Rice

  1. Wow! I appreciate the explanation of how to get sticky rice —Didn’t know that!

    Also a question: I want to store lots of smaller bags of brown rice in a white plastic 5 gallon bucket. Brown rice doesn’t usually store long. So is there a method or trick you know of for keeping brown rice long term? I’ll bet a lot of your readers would like to know. (I think the weevil eggs come with the rice. Will dry ice kill them? Or SOMETHING?)

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