Preparedness Week 4–Veggies

Our item this week is vegetables (canned and frozen). This is where a lot of your vitamins and minerals will be coming from so stock up as much as you can.
A lot of young children may not care for veggies by themselves, but remember that canned tomatoes make great salsa and pasta sauce, canned carrots or peas, although mushy and gross on their own, taste fine in a casserole or pot pie and nearly everyone likes corn with a big dollop of butter.  Think outside the box too; we eat a ton of green chiles in various dishes, so I’ll be sure to buy a bunch of those.

A few people have asked me if it’s OK to buy all frozen veggies because canned don’t taste as good. I generally prefer frozen but it’s incredibly important to have a shelf-stable supply of vegetables. You know how easy it is for the power to go out? Just imagine what’s going to happen to all those frozen veggies if the power stays out for more than a couple of days. Goodbye freezer!

Buy at least five cans of vegetables per person (I’ll leave quantities of frozen items up to you. It really depends on how much room you’ve got in your freezer).  For my family of eight people, that’s at least 40 cans. It’s going to seem like a whole bunch when you load up your cart, but it really isn’t that many.



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4 thoughts on “Preparedness Week 4–Veggies

  1. Canned corn and canned beets are quite tasty (I hardly know ANYBODY who eats beets, but they are super nourishing, and taste great. Even kids love their sweet taste if they are introduced early enough in life. If first seen in elementary years, kids are suspicious of their color!) And there is always the alternative of freeze-dried veggies, which keep for 30 years!

  2. grumble grumble…you just talked me into canned vegetables. sigh. We have TONS of frozen, I buy more every time I go shopping, but I only buy canned to donate to food drives. However, you’re right- if the power goes out, we’re out of produce, and fresh will only last so long. darn it…. LOL!
    Seriously tho, thanks! You probably just saved us in a real emergency! 🙂

  3. I have started buying freeze-dried veggies. They last forever and reconstitute to taste EXACTLY like fresh. I appreciate the convenience of canned veggies and fruits, but they just taste so disgusting (at least the veggies do)! Thrive has very good freeze-dried veggies and fruits. I swear, the green beans and corn taste like you just picked them in your garden!

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