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I spent all day Friday and Saturday at The BlogHerFood conference. This year it was in Austin and I had to take advantage of that. Once upon a time I was a food blogger, you know. Here’s the real reason I don’t do more food and recipe tutorials: I’m the worst photographer. You probably know that. I took a bunch of photography classes at BlogHer and I’m super excited to improve my shots. It would help if I knew how to properly work my camera; I’ve got to start somewhere.

As far as the conference in general, it was great getting to meet a bunch of new people. Women are so awesome, and that’s really all I could think looking around the room. I have no idea why anyone would want to be a man, not that you really have that choice, although I guess you do, sort of. ┬áSome of the classes were very good, and some were only so-so. The really great thing about the conference was all the swag. It was like Christmas! ┬áSo many great sponsors and everyone had piles of delicious food at their booths. Food blogging is the best! The surprising winner for the tastiest booth? The Canadian Lentil association. I’m not even making that name up, although it sounds like I am. I got an ipad sleeve to prove it.

How about my new mug courtesy of Kozy-Shack, the makers of the best rice pudding next to my mom’s? I thought my kids would be fighting over this but it turns out Mister wants it all to himself.*

I ended up with a bunch of gadgets too. My favorite is the avacado saver. Look! It’s already saving an avocado! I’ve never seen one in the store, but the Mexican Avacado Council was handing them out left and right. The cheese slicer from the Wisconsin Cheese board is pretty nifty too. While I’m not the biggest fan of cheese, my kids eat it every single day.


While BlogHer Food certainly wasn’t the best conference I’ve been to (Most of our meals were pretty mediocre hotel food and the extra-curriculars were lame), it was very fun and I’m glad I went. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve my photography and do some video stuff more often too.


*OK, I know this picture is crap. I’m going to start taking better pictures tomorrow. Today I spent all day with the kids at the pool and I simply cannot walk into the kitchen again to retake this shot.

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2 thoughts on “BlogHer Food Conference

  1. Where’s this alleged avacado? Actually, cool conference, and I think your pix have been great! Your cooking is certainly superlative!

  2. Wait, where is the avocado saver picture?? I really want to know more about that since mine always go brown before I can finish them off!

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