Adieu Google Reader

I was hoping that Google would change their minds at the last minute and not get rid of Google reader. Too bad, so sad! They did get rid of it. But the (semi) good news is that until tomorrow you can export your blog lists to another blog reader. After that you’ll have to find all the blogs you’ve been following from scratch. (That completely sucks! Google, why???)

Most bloggers are going with Bloglovin’, and while I naturally shy away from products and companies that intentionally drop the final -g, I’m going to go with the popular girls and jump on the Bloglovin’ bandwagon.

It is incredibly simple to switch over. But you only have a few more hours! This is what I did:

–Went to Bloglovin’ and signed up for an account.

–The final step said “do you want to import your blogs from Google Reader?” I hit the yes button and it did just that (it took a while though!)

That was it!  If you want more detailed instructions you can go here. She has a super easy step-by-step tutorial.

I hope you stick around and continue to read my blog. I love you, after all. You can always sign up for blog alerts to be emailed to you. Just do that over on the side.

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4 thoughts on “Adieu Google Reader

  1. I’m not sure what google reader is. I have the blogs I read on a list on the side of my blog…will that be affected?

  2. I tried to search your blog for a recipe I saw awhile ago. But instead of bringing up any results it made me subscribe to your blog. Is it supposed to do that? I love your blog and I visit it often, but I don’t want to get a email whenever you have something new. I was just wanting to make some home made wheat thin crackers.

    1. That’s weird. I’ll try to get on that (meaning I’ll email my web lady and see what’s up). In the mean time, all my recipes should be listed under the recipe tab at the top of my blog.

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