That’s What I Get For Bottle Feeding!

I worked until my second child was a few months old but I made sure that I only worked hours that Mister was home so we didn’t need to put the kids in daycare. One day when India was a baby I forgot to restock the formula before I went to work but I figured it wasn’t a big deal; Mister was perfectly capable of going to the store. Capable, yes; did he want to? That was another story. I got home from work that night to find baby India drinking a bottle of chocolate Slim-Fast. Pretty much the same thing as formula, right? But it could have been worse. Happy Mother’s Day!





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6 thoughts on “That’s What I Get For Bottle Feeding!

  1. OH MAN!!!! Where on earth did you get that ad!? I CANNOT BELIEVE SUCH EXTRAVAGANT LIES WERE EVER BELIEVED!!!!!!!
    REading the ad copy nearly knocked me off my chair: “tests prove” that a baby who drinks coke has a better chance of fitting in as a pre-teen??? What kind of tests did they do, I wonder. Some kind of longitudinal study to follow babies who were given Coke as infants? I’M SO SURE! Such kids must have been sooooo popular with their rotted out teeth, hyperactive behavior, addicted brains and malnourished bodies! AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGG! Advertising agencies!! They’ll all go to hell!

  2. Oh, yes, I forgot that Singing Stars of the same era smoked Camels to keep their throats smooth and voices toned. Don’t believe me? Just read the ads from the 50s.

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