Tequila Mockingbird

I dearly love birds. To me there is nothing more cheerful than listening to the sound of them; throw in a lovely sunny morning and a tidy house and there is nothing more delightful. Mockingbirds have one of the most beautiful songs around, particularly since it’s varied; they have a whole repertoire that they sing out–something like 20 different sounds. Jasper, in particular, loves mockingbirds. So much so that he insists that I sing the song “Mockingbird Hill” to him when I tuck him in every night.

We have a mockingbird that lives in our yard and sings his sweet little heart out all day long. He sings from the highest point in our yard which is on our chimney. You may or may not know that when a bird sits on your chimney, his song carries down into your fireplace and into your house, sounding like he’s got a big old megaphone. It is quite charming except when it goes on all day long for weeks at a time. I don’t know if he’s just not managing to get a girlfriend but the mockingbird will not shut up.

In other words this little mockingbird is driving us crazy. Finn, who is 14, came downstairs yesterday with his BB gun offering to get rid of our noisy pal. “No way,” I said, “You are not allowed to shoot the mockingbird.” He couldn’t understand why, especially since the bird has been annoying us for a while. “Because the bird is completely harmless. All he’s doing is singing.”  I replied. This conversation was starting to sound a smidge familiar.

Next thing you know, my daughter’s going to pay a black man to bust up her chifferobe.

(Click on this to hear a mockingbird singing:)

Mockingbird Singing

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2 thoughts on “Tequila Mockingbird

  1. Next to my family, the thing I adore most about Texas is the mockingbirds! I’d pay good money (or worms and apples) to have a mockingbird sit on my chimney and sing. But all I got in Austin was GRACKLES! And your bird already has a girlfriend AND babies. He is singing to protect the babies — how sweet!

    Since the Mockingbird is the Texas State bird, tell Finn he could get arrested and fined for shotting that darling bird.

    I know I’m dumb, but why would a black man bust up India’s Chiffarobe?

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