In Case You Haven’t Voted Yet

I will be writing in a candidate on my ballot today: Jed Bartlett. Why, oh why, can’t the most fantastic president who ever lived be real? Mister and I have been watching West Wing reruns lately just to make ourselves sad.

Mister and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on many issues. We’ve had some rather . . . strong disagreements. I really try not to talk about politics with him since his temper runs high whenever anything involving taxes or President Obama are mentioned. I’m the one getting the last laugh, though, since he found out on Friday–after early voting was over–that he’d have to be in Louisiana today and therefore not able to vote. Too bad for you, honey!

So please make the effort to vote. We may have an electorate but most everyone has other issues that need to be voted on. Your vote does count!  I’m going to finally study the issue and write it down on a crib sheet before I go. Or I might just vote the way I’ve done in the past:  elect the person with the name I like the most.  Just kidding! (Sort of. Not really.) I keep seeing signs around town for some candidate named Vik Vad. I have no idea what he’s running for but I only hope it’s something in my precinct. That name is awesome!

P.S. I’m not writing in Jed Bartlett. I’m voting for an actual candidate. Unless Jed Bartlett were running with Sam Seaborn. Then I totally would.

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7 thoughts on “In Case You Haven’t Voted Yet

  1. I have never met another person who loves West Wing! 🙂 My husband and I are ridiculously huge fans, own the whole series and watch it about once a year. We try to share it with people and they just don’t like it. I think the walk n talk is too much for some people who are not married to those with PoliSci degrees, lol…
    Anyway I agree!!! Put them in charge! …or the writers. Or someone just like them!!

  2. I’m just thrilled that now I can get on the internet and get a copy of the ballot, and then read about all the candidates and their stances. I spent 2 hours Monday studying and marking my printout, and only 4 minutes actually voting on Tuesday. That’s the way to do it. For the first time I felt like I knew a fragment about ALL the candidates and ALL the issues.

    Except, one still doesn’t know who is a good candidate, and who just has a good writer for his positioning statement. But how could you ever know the reality unless you spent all year studying the actual people and reviewing everything they do? Frankly, I have a few other things in life to attend to.

    So, as the election concluded, your Mister tells me Texas wants more than ever to secede from the union, or that he wants to move out of the country. I know he always flames up with such comments, and rarely follows through. But I ask, where would he want to live? Most first-world countries are already socialistic.

    I also see that recreational marijuana has been legalized in 3 states..Ah, the “last days” may be closer than we think.

  3. Hahaha, you crack me up! Especially since Jed Bartlett was a DEMOCRAT! But I’d vote for him, for sure. If only!

    p.s. if I don’t know anything about any candidate in a particular category, I vote for the woman, regardless of party. I think the world would be a totally different (and WAY better) place if women were in charge of politics!

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