All Quiet on the Texas Front

Back to school today. All the things I did:

Had kids set out clothes.

Got up early to shower and do makeup. Accidentally put on red lipstick (the 16 hour kind. Which meant I had to do the rest of my makeup decently too). Red lipstick requires a certain mindset. Which I do not have today. Today I should have worn pale, boring pinkish brown.

Made a lovely breakfast. Cinnamon roll pancakes (recipe courtesy of Our Best Bites). So jam-packed with ooey-gooey-sugary goodness that I’m sure all the kids are now in comas.

cinnamon roll pancakes

All the things I forgot:

To label everybody’s backpacks, lunchboxes and waterbottles. I was madly labelling with my sharpie this morning while my children were all talking to me at the same time. Consequently I either misspelled their names or wrote my name on everything out of habit. Way to go!

To get stupid folders with brads. I looked for these everywhere. I truly did. But I might as well have been looking for leprechaun’s gold.

To find Jasper’s pencil case. And give everyone an eraser. Every year I get worse at organizing school supplies, not better.

To read scriptures. Fortunately Mister picked up a ton of slack today. I am so not used to being organized. By next week we’ll have a routine down but this week is going to be mayhem.


And just like that my house is quiet. I’m much too frazzled to be sad. I was kind of sad last night. But only because I had to set my alarm. I couldn’t even remember how to do it.  I always wake up before my kids and get ready. But not this summer. This summer I slept in every day and it was the best two and a half months of my life. But the party is now over. At least the morning party. But the new party will be beginning at 8:30 when the last child walks out the door.

Babies first day of school
Two in Elementary School this year.

(Adelaide-2nd grade, Jasper-1st)

kids first day school

Two in Middle School and two in High School.

(India-11th grade, Finn-8th, York-10th, Arabella-6th)

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7 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Texas Front

  1. You have such beautiful children and I wouldn’t worry about the minor “mistakes”! We all make them. Have a great Monday.

  2. Jasper looks like a vampire who is not that happy to go back to school. Maybe a little blood from his c0-first graders will cheer him up.

    If there were thought balloons over their heads they would say, “Alright, already, Mom! Let us get out of here! Why do you always tell us to hold still and smile when we DON’T CARE?!”

    Congrats on the peace and quiet! I start date weekends this Friday with Beck and Daphne.

  3. I have three things to say about that:

    1) I love those pancakes!!! Jealous.
    2) Who the heck are those ginormous kids????
    3) did you REALLy let Jasper wear stripes and plaid together on his first day of school?!?

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