Why May is Horrid

You guys. YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS!  Last week. It was a killer.  As in “poor me I was a crying, mean zombie by the end of it”.

It was the last week of school. Normally it is a busy week; all the concerts and whatnot.  But this year it soared to heights of awfulness. Not just one but two concerts that were over two hours long. (Hey, school choir/band directors: I don’t want to see two hours of pretty much anything, not even my own children.)

We also were lucky enough to get to attend not just Kindergarten Graduation but also Fifth Grade Graduation. About two months ago I got peeved letters from people on various graduation committees threatening to cancel graduation if there was not more parental help. I tried to let them know by not volunteering that I would be perfectly happy to never go to any sort of graduation ever again. They did not get the message.

Also happening last week: The following items broke at our house: a pitcher from Pottery Barn that I was very fond of; a white ceramic mixing bowl that I was very fond of; a gorgeous apothecary jar that I paid big bucks for back when they were uncommon and you could only find them at fancy shops; and all the ceramic balls inside of said apothecary jar (I was very fond of all of it.) Also broken: our deep freezer which decided to completely defrost as I was walking out the door to Fifth Grade Graduation (only $500 to repair! So I got a new one off of Craig’s List for $200 instead).

There is just something about stuff breaking that makes me feel utterly defeated.

And then there was the realization that I had completely forgotten to do any sort of teacher gift. The kids all had really great teachers this year and I wanted to give them something nice. Normally I sew something but there was no way I had that much stamina this year. So I decided to give them homemade loaves of bread with homemade jam. To me that seems lame but hopefully they thought it was nice. We missed giving goodies to two of our favorite teachers because they left early so I kept two loaves of bread and stuffed my face with it. When I’m emotionally drained I try to fill the emptiness with lots and lots of carbs. And it worked!  I felt so much better!

And then there is the whole Relief Society President thing. It’s very emotionally demanding. Last week was especially hard.  Just a lot of people needing a lot of comfort. And I am not a naturally comfort-giving type. I actually found myself suggesting a new lipstick to one sister. Like that is going to help anything. But hey, it works for me! Never underestimate the power of lipstick.

And lets throw in a couple of recitals, Kung fu exams, a birthday party, and a few church meetings too, just to liven things up.

So you might say I was pleased to not set my alarm on Sunday night. Eight hours of sleep has never felt so good. I was hoping for an entire week but I’ll take what I can get.

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10 thoughts on “Why May is Horrid

  1. I hope this week is better! I know what you mean about things breaking. Ugh… I had the “service engine” light go on in my car during a stressful week at work last week and I just about went over the edge.

  2. I feel the same way, although our crazy streak is from mid-May to mid-June.

    What is bugging me the most about it this year is a lot of non-school people are asking me to do tons of things during the final two weeks of school. Didn’t they get the memo that those 2 weeks were off limits?

  3. I feel your pain…but without having to be the Relief Society President, so I guess that is only half way feeling your pain! We had our last recital last night (Ruby was third and we left after her dance! :X)

    I hope your June is a little more laid back and that nothing breaks!!

  4. You are so funny! I too have 6 kids and feel your pain. I am a full week into summer and still feeling completely discombulated. Hopefully I will come out of it soon, but realistically it won’t happen until my kids go back to school and the whole cycle starts over again.

    Summer… the best of times and the worst of times.

    And yes, I really do love my kids to death, even when I really look forward to bedtime.

  5. So sorry you had such a bad month! Hopefully June will have a little more fun for you. (And maybe a new shade of lipstick or two—nail polish is what does it for me.)

    You were so cute on Jen’s interview!

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