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It’s time we sat down and had a chat. You know you’re not getting any younger, right? Even if you’re 22, you know your lovely, wrinkle-free skin won’t last forever.  The older you get, the more important nice skin becomes. So here’s what you need to do: Stay out of the sun. I know, I know; you look gross and pasty if you don’t have a tan. I get it. But this is the thing: a tan lasts for what– a few days? But the damage of being out in the sun lasts forever. Forever. You can’t undo the damage. It’s not like a pair of lungs that somehow regenerate themselves once a person stops smoking. Forget what the ads say, you can’t turn back the clock. If you could everyone would look 28.

It’s sad to consider all the damage we girls of the 80’s did in the quest for bronze-goddess status. But nowadays pale skin is where it’s at. You can be pale and still be accepted socially!  Look at all the actresses! They are pale. So accept your future; it’s either tan and wrinkly or pale and less wrinkly. There is no possibility of being tan and having gorgeous skin until you’re fifty. It is simply impossible. Impossible.

Most of the skin products I use are homemade, but my daytime moisturizer is something I don’t mess around with. Why? I need serious SPF and so do you. Adding SPF to handmade products is a tricky business and I don’t want to end up making a product that hurts, rather than helps, my skin.

There are a jillion creams and lotions out there for you to chose from. I stick to the drugstore products because they are cheap and work perfectly well. If buying something that costs $50 makes you feel better about yourself, be my guest.  But there are lots of cheapo products that work really nicely.  This is my favorite. It’s by Garnier and moisturizes my dry skin without making it greasy, and it looks nice under my makeup. It has a nice fat SPF of 28.  You shouldn’t be putting anything on your face with an SPF less than 25.

favorite daytime moisturizer

Garnier Skin Renew costs about $12 and can be purchased at any drug store/Target, etc.

Again, my skin is dry and not at all sensitive. If your skin is oily or easy irritated, you might need to try some other options. Garnier Skin Renew might work for you or it might not. Either way make sure you get something with a nice high SPF. Promise?


I was not paid by anybody to hype this product. I just like it.

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6 thoughts on “Makeup Monday–My Favorite Moisturizer

  1. I’ll have to give that a try. I am almost out of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. When was in my early to mid twenties and had oily, somewhat acne prone skin, it worked great for me. Now that I am thirty and starting to become more worried about wrinkle-age, I feel I need a heavier-duty product with SPF to boot. Can you recommend a cream for between eye lines as well? I unfortunately inherited those from my father. Also, have you ever considered selling small batches of the products you make? I would definitely be interested!

  2. Applause for this post!

    I’ve been using Garnier since you recommended it to me 4 years ago, and I LOVE it. However, don’t let it get into your mouth! SPF tastes bitter and nasty, and will linger for hours. Maybe use a flavored Chapstick on your lips. Lipstick itself helps block the sun, and even better with some sunblock. But since I had my lips tattooed with color, I don’t use lipstick anymore. But I do use a sun-blocking gloss or stick.

    1. That was ME who introduced you to it, not Hildie. And I’m pretty sure Hildie got it from me too since she was using Futur-e before that. So here’s a shout out to me from the both of you. You’re welcome!

  3. This sounds gross, but it works like a dream — olive oil. A few times a week I steam my face and then put a TB of oil in my palms and massag it in, wipe it off with a hot wet cloth, dry face. I used to have adult acne and dry patches on my chin, and it cleared up after only 2 days with oil washes. It’s not an everyday thing but it works great for me.

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