Today is my Birthday

You should wish me a happy birthday. I want to have lots of comments because today I turn the not so magical age of 41. You can do that for me, can’t you? Especially all the foreign readers; you are very tight-lipped.

It used to be that I’d wait around for people to make my birthdays spectacular. Like everyone was just wracking their brains trying to think of ways to celebrate my birthday. But this is the thing I didn’t really understand: nobody cares about my birthday even remotely as much as I do.  (And I care about it a lot.) I lucked out by having an amazing husband who almost always plans a fantastic birthday for me but it’s usually in the evening. The daytime is for friends, relatives or whoever happens to be around.

Now I just plan what I want to do and invite everybody along. And guess what? It’s a lot funner than sitting around getting my feelings hurt because my friends can’t read my mind.

So happy birthday to me! Donuts, BBQ and much sugar will be consumed.

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26 thoughts on “Today is my Birthday

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! Wish I was there to party with you, or at least go for chips and salsa at Chuys!

    Or take a cruise.

    Love you friend!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I think you are funny and fantastic even though we have never met in person! Sorry to read about the lice – that is my WORST nightmare!

    I think I will pass your birthday theory on to my husband. He always wants me to make a big deal (his is on Friday) and I never can do enough! 🙂 If he plans and I go along that sounds great!

  3. I LOVE this approach! I’ve always felt bad about my birthday, like it’s an imposition on people and I don’t them to feel obligated to acknowledge it. But I’m totally going to adopt your stance for myself starting this year, when I turn the (not so) magical age of 44. Happily, I have over 8 more months to plan it. You’re invited to join me of course…despite the right-before-Christmas craziness of it all.

    I think it’s awesome that there is a place called Gourdoughs Big Fat Donuts. I totally want to try them! And I hope you feel spoiled, cherished, loved, and SUPERSPECIAL in that mormoney way. Being RSP now, those sisterz better show the love, too! I’d bring you some treats if I were nearby. But I’m commenting instead. ♥

  4. Hi Hildie!
    I’m a lurker who finally decided to show her face. I’ve been reading for close to a year now. We have next to nothing in common (I’m a Catholic mother of 1 1/2 (the 1/2 is my dear hubby) who prosecutes juvenile deliquency, abuse/neglect, and felony cases for a living. Your blog is a ray of sunshine in the drudgery that life can sometimes be. I love your craft and cooking ideas and the cute stories about your kiddos. I check in daily as a break at work. Hope you have a VERY happy 41st birthday!


  5. Happy Birthday to you! You have a sweet spirit.

    My birthday is dead to me. Birthdays are nothing after you are 16.

  6. Happy birthday!! I am with you -I love my birthday and can’t believe everyone else doesn’t like it as much as me. I am going to follow in your footsteps and plan my own party from now on!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Sister, sorry I’m a day late, we are in California and didn’t get our internet working until today. I hope you had a great day and just so your know enjoy your 40s, because turn turning 50 is when you realize you are getting old.
    Love ya,

  8. HAPPY MAGICAL BIRTHDAY! I want you to know that I appreciate you and your letting me in on what you’re up to! We’ve never met in person and sometimes I refer to you as “Bee Hive & Bird Nests” Lady, but I do want to tell you as a friend, Happy Birthday Hildie! Hope you have many more! <3

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