My Favorite Christmas Book

Today I am going to tell you about my favorite Christmas book. I’ve blogged about it before but then it went out of print and the world became a sadder place. But I noticed that it’s back in print! Yipee! (Softcover only, though. Sigh.) It’s so worth adding to your collection.

It’s called A Small Miracle by Peter Collington. I was introduced to it several years ago when I was at Barnes & Noble perusing the kids Christmas books. A woman I’d never met before walked up to me and placed the book in my hands. “You must get this. It is the most wonderful Christmas book I’ve ever read,” she said.  Who can resist that sort of holiday evangelism? So I bought the book, and I thank that woman every Christmas when we read it.

It’s the most unusual Christmas story I’ve ever read. Especially since it has no words. Only pictures. Which makes it perfect for all ages. Finn, my twelve-year-old, was reading it last night and told me it’s his favorite Christmas book too.

The story is a modern-day parable of a poor old woman. She runs out of food and money at Christmas and is saved at the last minute. I’m not going to tell you how, because that is the magical part of the book. I’ll just tell you that it still brings tears to my eyes even after reading it with my children a hundred times.

It features the best parts of Christmas: helping others, Jesus and presents.

It’s not too late to order it! Get it here on Amazon for $7.99.

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Book

  1. Done. I just bought it. Every year, I try to buy one new Christmas book and I kept meaning to sit down and research which one to buy. You just made it easy. Thanks.

    Another great Christmas book is “A Christmas Dress for Ellen” by President Monson. I cried last night reading it to my children. One of my favorite books, Christmas or not.

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