Fess Up Friday–Celebrity Boyfriend Edition

One of the most popular topics among my girlfriends these days is The List. There is no get-together or discussion that doesn’t eventually wind up on this topic.

You know what The List is, right? It’s your collection of celebrity boyfriends (or girlfriends). What you do with your celebrity boyfriends is up to you. Originally it’s the people you would be allowed to have sex with, there being no consequences. But if you want to keep it chaste and only take long walks on the beach, well, it’s your decision. Your celebrity boyfriend will be happy to do as you’d like. (Fantasies are so delightfully accommodating.)

The best part of having a List is discussing the pros/cons of each person. For example, this guy is on almost almost all my friends lists:

James McEvoy? For reals? He totally doesn’t do it for me. Especially since I always picture him as Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia. No goat hooves for me, thanks.

However, Matt Damon is another story.

You know he went to Harvard before he was famous? I love smart men. And nice men. Sigh.

So no mean guys need apply to my list. Or vampires. Or people who play vampires. I don’t care how sexy they are.

Some other men on my list:

James Marsden:

Taye Diggs  (LOVE the glasses!):

Jude Law. Most English people sound smart even if they’re not, so they get bonus points. Plus Jude is hot on top of being British.

This is, of course, just a start. How about you? Who is on your list? Don’t be shy; it’s Fess-Up Friday so play along!

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15 thoughts on “Fess Up Friday–Celebrity Boyfriend Edition

  1. This is a LONG overdo post on my blog cause I’ve been drooling over the princes in Once Upon a Time. Especially Prince Thomas who coincidentally looks a lot like my husband so that wouldn’t be cheating would it?

  2. You and Matt look amazing together.

    The only guy on my list is Ryan Gosling and I know it’s super cliche’ and he is everywhere and in everything, but my heart cannot help it.

  3. We definitely share taste in celebrity men. Matt Damon is my number 1. I would love Michael Buble to sing to me. Love James Marsden too. Such a cutie pie and multi-talented to boot. I used to like Brad Pitt until he became all weird and dumped Jenn. I know there’s more but I can’t think of them. Again, I would just just fine with Matt Damon. Hot, sweet, smart, humble. Can’t get much better than that!

  4. I will take the British accent piano playing vampire off your hands. Also if Joseph Fiennes from Shakespeare in Love and Elizabeth looked at me the way he looks at the women in his films I would MELT. And I can’t leave out Hugh Jackman. Since I shook his hand and he told me happy birthday.

  5. Jennie, I love your blog….long time lurker, but not so frequent commenter, so here I go. My number one is Joaquin Phoenix. Look at the link below and deny that he is not yummy, or watch The Village. It is rumored that he is in the running to be in an adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Great book. Not kidding, in fact, I think I recommended it to you once.


  6. Ok, Heather B. I agree with the Doctors! (Who)

    Chris Hemsworth as Thor and soon as the Huntsman – Hello! Jason Mamoa (Stargate Atlantis & the new Conan Barbarian) and James Marsden is so delicious! I love a good hero!

  7. Johnny Depp. Ever since I was too young to watch 21 Jump Street. I’d watch the opening credits to see that beautiful boy…Love Captain Jack Sparrow! 🙂

  8. PS.. I can’t believe my sister (Dixie) didn’t add Johnny Depp or Antonio Banderas! Then I looked Antonio up on IMDB and decided that her crush has been crushed on account that he’s OLD! Oh and I can’t believe I forgot Chris Hemsworth! He was mighty fine in Thor!

  9. Oh Jennie, But Jude Law is mean…it’s no surprise that Keith Urban is on my list, and Jon Bon Jovi will always be there. Seeing him live at age 14 proved I was most certainly NOT gay! But I have to admit, Daniel Craig, yummers! and my guilty pleasure would be Hugh Grant, esp now that he brought down the British tabloids! I’m with you on Taye Diggs and I must say Jimmy Fallon would be an awesome date.

  10. Oh, I hear you on Tae Diggs. Yummy! I also have to say Matt Damon has raelly grown on me. Years ago when you first told me you liked him I thought you were nuts. But he is really so sweet and such a good actor, I would put him on my list. James McEvoy gets points for his Scotish accent (my favorite accent), but not enough to be on my list. My list includes George Clooney (why has no one else mentioned him??), Jude Law, Brad Pitt (cliche, but still oh so hot), and Taylor Lautner. I could drool over him aaaaallll day long.

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