Christmas is the Season for Procrastination

I had planned to write a post for makeup Monday but this whole “Christmas Shopping” thing has got me worried. Mostly because I haven’t even started. No, I did buy a pair of jeans for Finn at the Old Navy Black Friday Sale.  But that right there is all I’ve got. For six kids, twelve cousins, four siblings, and three grandparents. Egads.

Mister’s parents called on Saturday to ask if we wouldn’t mind buying presents for the kids from them if they sent us a check. My mother-in-law is doing much better since having a stroke over Thanksgiving and got to come home last week. She is most definitely not up to shopping, though. So now I have all their Christmas shopping to do as well. Double Egads.

So I plopped down in front of Ye Olde Laptoppe this morning and spent three hours researching stuff on Amazon and loading up my shopping cart. I felt pretty jazzed about getting so much crossed off of my list until I went to pay and–naturally–my credit card was declined. Which meant I had to drive over to the bank to inquire and make a payment (late! But I fluttered my eyelashes and used the ol’ six kids excuse* and they forgave me the $35 late fee)

Luckily for me there is Amazon Prime. Which is going to be my only salvation at this point.

The good news: I got the last of our Christmas cards sent today and I have only two kids’ concerts left to attend. So no need to commit suicide just yet. The making of the cousin presents is going very slowly, though, we’ll have to see if death is on the agenda next week.



*The number one benefit of having more kids than most everyone else is that you can use it as an all-purpose excuse for almost anything. You just say in a meek voice, “well, I have six kids so, you know . . . ” and then trail off. They will use their vivid imaginations to fill in the blanks and assume you are downtrodden/forgetful/busy/poor and forgive you most transgressions.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas is the Season for Procrastination

  1. Well, you’re making me feel better about my gift-buying progress. I love how you use six kids as an all-purpose excuse for anything. I sorta wish I had that in my back pocket these days.

    I did receive your Christmas card today and it was most lovely. Yours is always lovely, I must say. Everyone looks great (I can’t get over how tall York is!) and you looked particularly sexy, if I do say. I love a sexy mom-o-six!

  2. Ok, help me understand why COUSINS are getting handmade gifts when you haven’t even started shopping for your kids? I think I’ve only bought cousin gifts the 2 times we had Christmas morning in the same room as some of them!

  3. What do you mean “excuse?” It’s a dang good REASON! And you are Wonder Woman to do so well! Your house may be a madhouse, but it is a very cheerful, pleasant madhouse. You are a wonderful mother to these kids!

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