My Sort of Sad Thanksgiving

So, Thanksgiving. We went to Arizona to celebrate with Mister’s family. His three siblings and most of their children joined us from around the country. We weren’t just celebrating the holiday, but Mister’s dad’s 80th birthday as well. So the week was a pretty big deal.

As we were boarding the plane in Austin, Mister’s sister called to tell us their mother had just suffered a stroke.

I know how stressed she must have been. But stress doesn’t cause strokes. Right? Man, I hope not or I feel so guilty. I know she was dreading the noise our crazy lunatic boisterous children bring wherever they go.

The stroke wasn’t terrible as we’d originally thought, although she was in the hospital the whole time (and still is for the forseeable future). She can talk pretty well, but needs much improvement in her arm and leg. Mister’s dad has been at the hospital the whole time with her.

(If Mister hung around me that much I’m pretty sure I would send him home after the first day.)

Thanksgiving dinner was definitely strange.  I had to make some of the extra food since my Mother-in-Law was out of the picture. The big change was me having to do the turkey. I was so stressed about the gigantic 24 lb. bird being done in time for our 4:00 meal that I started it a leeeetle too early: it was done by 11 am. Nice planning, Jennie! But it did end up being really gorgeous (the taste? Meh. Would have been nice to have a meat thermometer. I hate cooking in other people’s kitchens!)

Most of the sibs spent their time at the hospital, which left me on duty with the kids (or at the hospital myself). Thank goodness the children had their cousins to entertain them. And a pool. And a super old Nintendo 64 which they found quaintly charming.

We had my Father-in-Law’s birthday party at the hospital. And brought appetizers and pie to the hospital on Thanksgiving. It was nice to have the family together, even if it was under not-so-great circumstances. It made me appreciate the blessing of health. And family.

And pie.


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6 thoughts on “My Sort of Sad Thanksgiving

  1. So sorry to hear that.. when you posted on FB, i thought it was going to be funny. I hope the Mr. is doing ok. Not a fun experience I am sure. I am not really enjoying the reality of our mortality, even when we know about this probationary state. I hope your Mother in law gets well. How are your kids handling it? I wish you and your family well.

  2. Even in the face of challenging and unusual circumstances, your take on life makes me laugh. Starting the turkey early – too early? That is something I would totally do! My other favorite phrase, a reference to Ninentendo 64 as “quaintly charming” – you’re dating all of us! Heading over to Segullah to read your post… xo

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