How To Get an Avatar Picture That Will Appear on Most Blogs

Hello and welcome to my newest blog feature: How-To Tuesday (or maybe I should call it “How-Tue Tuesday”. No? Too obnoxious?) I am going to spill my brain every Tuesday and show you how to do something that might just be new to you.  I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve but if you have any requests, just holler (via comments, of course).

This first How-To Tuesday is especially for my mother. It is how to get an avatar. No, Mom, not like the James Cameron Movie. You will still be living on Earth. Sorry to burst your bubble. I’m talking about an avatar as in the little picture next to your name when you comment on a blog.  Most commenters to my new WordPress blog are faceless. This happens pretty often if you comment on blogs other than those on the Blogger network. You guys, the world wants to see your loveliness! Here is what you need to do:

Go to Gravatar. Register and upload your photo. In about three minutes you will have a universal picture that will show up all over the blogosphere when you comment. It is super easy and quick.

There are a few blogs that don’t recognize Gravatars, but for the most part you’ll be all set.

From now on I want to see the gorgeous faces of all you witty commenters!

8 thoughts on “How To Get an Avatar Picture That Will Appear on Most Blogs

  1. It worked! It WORKED! (at least I HOPE it worked.) As soon as I submit this comment, I shall see if I have an avatar.

    Even if it doesn’t work, this is a great idea of yours! You know SOOOO many things, I will love to hear about them.

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