Armchair farming: a Video and a Book

Farming is my little passion. I don’t actually do it. I’m much too lazy. But it’s a subject I love. So I was pretty interested in this commercial that I saw last week at the movie theatre.

Chipotle??? Who would have guessed? I have only eaten there once but I’m going to make a concerted effort of eat there more often. I’m happy to patronize any businesses that support local and non-factory farming.

Speaking of farming, here’s my latest city-girl-learns-to-farm memoir:

In this non-fiction story the completely citified author, Kristin Kimball, meets a cute guy and decides to start an organic farm with him. An organic farm where they only use draft horses, not tractors. Animal and plan-related wackiness ensues.  It’s amusing, completely fascinating and makes me wish yet again that I were a farmgirl. The Dirty Life has been of my favorite reads of the year.

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4 thoughts on “Armchair farming: a Video and a Book

  1. I shot my first deer two weeks ago. Talk about 100% all-natural, range-free, nature fed, organic , non-factory meat. I did love that commercial for chipotle too. Am I the only one who was reminded of “The Lorax” during that commercial?

  2. Loved that book. It either made me really hungry or totally sick. Perhaps you could do a blog post on ‘How To Make Blood Pudding’. With pictures!

  3. I wonder just how much Chipotle really uses sustainable, local farming. I’m kind of curious, but not enough to go to their website to find out. Cause I’m not really that into Chipotle food!

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