Non-disco inferno

Hey, my house didn’t burn down last night! Great news! There are wildfires going all over the areas surrounding Austin (several miles away, but still . . . ) and we have many friends who have been spending the last couple of nights in hotels.

We are far enough away that fire isn’t an immediate threat, but you know fire: it’s wacky.

Just to make sure I have my bases covered I gathered all our important papers, photo albums and laptops in a laundry basket by my door. Just in case. It will stay there til it starts to rain good and hard and Central Texas isn’t such a tinderbox anymore (now I need to find all the various hard drives my husband has our family videos archived on. Talk about a fools errand!)

Mister asked if I had our 72-hour kits ready. This isn’t a 72-hour kit situation, if you ask me. We can drive five miles away, eat in restaurants and buy whatever we need. If the entire city catches on fire, he may have a point.

The weather has been cooling down, though. This morning it was 67º. It’s the first time we’ve been in the 60’s since April. Five months ago. My kids all put on coats and asked if I would drive them to school because of the cold weather. In case you haven’t heard me complain a million and a half times on this blog, we’ve had 80 days of temps above 100º this summer. (Last year we had one). It’s been pretty brutal.

If you are a praying person, please pray for Texas. Not only do we need the rain, but we’ve got Rick Perry to deal with too.

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