Item of the Week–Light bulbs

Boy, have I dropped the ball on the item of the week! No excuse other than that I’m having a little too much fun now that my kids are in school all day. Seriously, you guys should try it. It’s the BEST.

Anyway, this week’s item is light bulbs. Which seems a little odd until you’ve run out of light bulbs and then nothing else seems to matter if you can’t see.  Yes, you could just buy them as needed but that’s not exactly being prepared, is it?

Here is what I want you to do: buy one or two packs of light bulbs per 500 sq. ft. of home that you live in. (I am assuming that a pack holds four light bulbs.) So if you live in a 1000 s.f. apartment you will buy 2-4 packs of bulbs (that’s a grand total of 8-16 individual bulbs).  If your house is 3000 s.f. then you’ll buy 6-12 packs. This may seem like a lot but just think about all the closet lights kids leave on, and porch lights that burn out. You’ll use them, I promise. These aren’t like canned beets that are never going to get eaten.

This is all assuming that you are using incandescent lights. Of course I am using them because fluorescents make my skin look ugly and are never bright enough. It is my right as an American to squander electricity as I see fit.

If you have switched to using all fluourescents, then pat your smug self on the back and maybe just get a couple of extras to have on hand.

(Mom, you don’t need to tell me to use those Reveal lights. I am perfectly aware that those are super bright. I have been to your house. I know.)

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