You knew this day was coming

This day comes every August. Almost exactly two weeks before school starts. The day when I begin to dislike my children. The day when I don’t care about doing stations anymore. Watch TV and play video games all day, kids. Whatever. So what. Just leave me alone. Oh, and I’m also sick of cooking for you.

I want my house to be clean and quiet. No quarreling. No crayons and legos underfoot. Locking myself in my bedroom every day is sounding more and more appealing. As does serving cereal for every meal. It’s enriched with vitamins. Feeding it to them would be doing them a favor!

I feel really bad about all of this. Well, sort of bad. Especially because Baby Jasper is starting Kindergarten and they only have full-day here. I love Baby Jasper. I will miss him. The other ones I will miss too. (Except for Ada who has been an absolute pill this summer.) But right now they are all conspiring to annoy and try me.

I think I’m still faking it enough to fool them, though. Our oven is constantly on to cook Shrinky Dinks and Sculpey clay creations. And I gave myself and the two oldest girls mani/pedis yesterday (mine is super cute. You should like my Facebook page to see the picture I posted of my toenails. Wait, you don’t want to see my toenails? Well, fine). We are still doing Texas Tuesday (went to Blue Hole in Wimberley this week. It’s a fabulous swimmin’ hole. If you live in central Texas it’s worth a trip for sure.)

If I grit my teeth we will make it to the end of summer. Barely.

7 thoughts on “You knew this day was coming

  1. I thought we weren't telling people about Blue Hole so that it would never be crowded! ;D

    The two weeks will be over before you know it! And then you will just have to put up with me bugging you and not your children.

  2. I feel the same way. No matter what I do it is never enough for them. I had such wonderful hopes for summer that I would get so much done. Why have you betrayed me summer? I told mine I wanted their rooms clean and they were not coming out of their rooms til they were done. They are loose and on the craze with dirty rooms. Maybe even dirtier than when summer started if that's possible. I can't wait til next year when they all are gone ALL DAY! Phooey on this motherly love crap! Must have been a man who said that!

  3. HMM. did you just read my thoughts. My kids went absolutely ape crazy that last two days, and when they left for school today the words, "don't let the door hit you on your way out" were floating in my mind.


  4. Well, my kids got out 2 weeks AFTER your kids, and they start TOMORROW. The bus for the youngest two picks up at 6:45 AM. (Which means we must all be awake long BEFORE THAT) It's the first time EVER I've wished summer lasted 2 weeks longer. But, we have hardly had a normal summer..

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