Texas and H.E.B.

Oh wow, today’s Monday, isn’t it? I kind of forgot since the kids are home due to some sort of teacher training thing. I keep thinking Saturday is happening over and over. Especially since I had a sick child yesterday and didn’t go to church. I took a personal day and spent the entire time sitting in bed. I used up all my itunes cards from Christmas and redid all of my playlists. I’m a bit obsessive about my playlists. I like to arrange things according to what mood I’m in.

In case you hadn’t heard it was the Superbowl yesterday. But as you can imagine, I couldn’t have cared less. I didn’t even pig out. I did catch a couple of commercials. This one is for H.E.B., the local grocery store chain (Mister’s mother lived in San Antonio as a teenager and back then it was called H.E. Butts, after the name of the founder. Thank goodness they eventually dropped the “Butts”). I’m guessig you non-locals didn’t get to see this. Pretty fancy for a grocery store ad. It made me laugh because it really shows how much Texans totally adore their state. I can’t imagine having a commercial like this for Michigan, where I grew up. Even New Yorkers aren’t this crazy in love with New York! Watch this and admit it–you kind of find Texas appealing. (Sorry about the singer and his d-bag hairdo.)

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  1. I didn't watch any of the superbowl or the commercials, but I grew up in Texas and H.E.B has some FOND memories! I love this…and I LOVE Texas 🙂

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