Item of the Week–Mac & Cheese

I was thrilled last week to find several great deals on cereal. I hope you stocked up like I did! This week we’re going to keep the Family Favorites category going strong with Macaroni & Cheese. I’m sure there are kids out there who don’t like this, but they are few and far between. It’s nice to have a non-meat option for kids.

While the variety that features pre-made cheese sauce is an abomination, I like to have a few packs on hand for times when I have run out of milk or butter. So I think it’s worthwhile to have both the dry variety and the cheese-pouch variety, just to be prepared.

I think five packs per person (mix up the varieties however you like) would be a great start.

If you aren’t mac & cheese fans (or maybe you have gluten issues), consider some of the packaged rice dinners. Some of them are pretty tasty.

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4 thoughts on “Item of the Week–Mac & Cheese

  1. I was SO looking forward to this week's item! And then it was mac and cheese. I think we've finally hit the point where we've OD'd on this stuff. Thanks for the rice dinner alternative suggestion. I'd even store a year's supply of Top Ramen before I added more mac and cheese to my shelves.

  2. My kids have been on a mac and cheese stint for the last few weeks so this is perfect for us, but I thought that I might add that the character boxes (i.e scooby doo, and sponge bob) do not make as much as the regular macaroni or the shells.

    Just thought that I would throw that out there if you were planning on buying them because you thought that your kids would eat it because it was fun…I may be that kind of a mom.

  3. yeah, that's so true about the character mac n cheese. I bought some thinking my kids would love it, but the noodles were too firm, they couldn't tell what the characters were anyway, and in the end it was too different and they both refused to eat it! So I stick with the regular or the twisty noodles.

    I have some on hand, but I'm sure I could get more. It'll be on my list this week!

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