Who’s got the button?

Don’t you love buttons? They are just so cute. Why? I’m not sure. But etsy has about a million different cute button-related items. These would be perfect for so many pretty projects:

Handmade ceramic buttons from MeltinMuddStudio

This bracelet would be perfect for fall (only $15!)

You have to see all of the darling buttons this artist makes by hand. It will make you want to whip up a dress for your daughter just to use some of them.

Aren’t these just crying out to be used on beautiful handmade sweaters?
Yes, please! How adorable is this ring? ($10!)

Love these. Blue and green are my favorite!

I met Kristi, the creator of these fun bracelets at The Creative Connection. She’s as sweet as can be and so is this bracelet.

This is only sort of button related, but what do you think of this sweater for your apple? Brilliant or completely laughable? I happen to HATE bruises on my apples, so I really like this idea. I can’t imagine my kids remembering to bring these home in their lunch boxes, though.
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6 thoughts on “Who’s got the button?

  1. That button bracelet is gorgeous! And I am pretty sure a kid could get beat up for taking his apple to school in a sweater. Now a mom, it would be consider so clever, but not a kid! ;D

  2. Uh, you lost me at "whip up a dress" for my daughter. There aren't big enough buttons to hide the mess I'd "whip up" with that one.

  3. Jennie-How sweet of you to feature one of my bracelets! I loved meeting you at the CC, wish we could have spent more time talking. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Minnesota!

  4. Wow! Those buttons are nuts. So many talented people in the world…

    I really like the ring, but I doubt they'd make it in my size. :/

  5. I love buttons, too. Those first ceramic ones are amazing–I'm almost glad they're sold or I'd have to order them.

  6. Wow, I had no idea buttons could be so adorable. I'm not quite ready to whip up a dress to use them, but I would like to look at them on the dresses YOU whip up.

    And that apple sweater, brilliant!

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