Pony in the Apple store

There is a pony in the Apple Computer Store.

And nobody notices.
There is a picture.
And you can read all about it.
You should read all about it.
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6 thoughts on “Pony in the Apple store

  1. How on earth did you find this great article?

    Yes, I do notice such ponies in Apple stores because I am old, and I remember when there were actually ponies on farms right next to my house. All these amazing things in life STILL blow me away!

  2. Once upon a time I had to watch this video at back to school night where there were two team colors bouncing balls and you had to count how many times your chosen color bounced.

    At the end the teacher asked how many bounces and if anything weird happened. I was the ONLY parent who noticed someone in a huge ape suit walk across the screen while they were bouncing.

    Funny what people miss, eh?

    Often I stop in the middle of my day and am amazed at how many little ponies there are in my life.

  3. I was reading this article and Gwen walked in the room and started freaking out over the little pony. When I finished reading Gwen was asking me if we could go and see the little horse at the apple store.

    What does that say about my family that my 4 year old not only knows about, but recognizes an apple store, and the little horse?

  4. You know, that is so true, what that writer says. We become accustomed to things, even amazing things, so quickly that they don't even seem amazing anymore. The iPhone is a perfect example. It has become so normal to me to instantly be able to pin point myself on a virtual map and see what stores I'm looking for are closest, to call someone instantly anywhere in the world, send them a photo that I just took of me with my phone instantly, look up a question I've been wondering about or play a song I was thinking of and then look up the lyrics. Instantly. From my car. And it just seems normal now. WEIRD.

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