How the doughboy was born

In case you were wondering what happens if you leave a pack of canned biscuits sitting on the floor in the hot garage for a couple of hours . . .

They will escape and take over the world.

Please enjoy this image for the next few days while I am at The Creative Connection. I won an all-expense paid trip to attend the conference courtesy of Lark Crafts (Thrilled! Excited!) I should come back all creative and craftier.

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4 thoughts on “How the doughboy was born

  1. I'm sure you can't even imagine this of me, Jennie, but I'm EXHAUSTED just looking at The Creative Connection website. Where do all those women get all that energy? If I ever needed proof that I'm getting old. . . . . .

    But THRILLED that you won a trip to that extravaganza! Have fun!

  2. you need to start playing the lottery. And then remember me, and how I STILL have the couch you bought when you first got married. 18 years ago.

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