Me: talking and talking

Have you just been dying to hear me talk in real life? No? Well, here’s your chance anyway! Mutual of Omaha contacted me to do a tiny, little piece about an Aha moment that I’ve had (they’re going all over the country interviewing people about their Aha Moments). Sadly they edited out all the great stuff I said (it was all so brilliant!) and made it sound kind of lame, but whatever.

Just take a look here

P.S. Do I need to mention that I think I look bad and my voice is dumb? If you know me in real life, please don’t agree with that sentence.

16 thoughts on “Me: talking and talking

  1. Seriously, I have never met someone so little interested in fame who managed to get a photo shoot for a catalog, an interview on television, and a Mutual of Omaha Website?!??!! How did THAT happen???

    Maybe your talent is falling into fame. Let's just hope its followed up with fortune.

    BTW, I know I was the friend you were watching that pagent with, so I'm kind of famous now too. You can thank me later.

  2. Oh, Jennie! It was so good to see you. I actually teared up because I miss you! Vivie was sitting with me watching it and she said 'Mommy, she's so PRETTY!'. You are! We miss you.

  3. oh my, you were totally and absolutely adorable on that clip just as you are in person. Too bad they didn't get a close-up of your gorgeous skin.

    I'm going to download it and show it to my YW tmrw.

  4. If anything was NOT dumb or plain, it was YOU in that AHA shot. You are beautiful, lively, and totally delightful even in such a short space. I'm glad I know you. You ARE even better in real life, but how many of us wish we could be half that good in a little film clip.

    How DID you fall into this?

  5. You did excellent, Jennie! Nice job. I liked what you said very well too.

    And like your mom wondered, how DID you happen upon this moment of fame?

  6. ok, where are the pics of YOUR kids? My pics are at least as up to date as yours!

    ps. You still need to explain the M of O story. I seriously hope you were compensated?! You need to get an agent if this keeps up.

  7. Personally, I have serious doubts about your ability to ever NOT look and sound gorgeous! And the clip didn't convince me otherwise =)

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