Let me just admit that I do not own any running shoes

I wish I liked to run. Everybody runs but me, it seems. But not only do I not run, I have no desire to run. So I guess I should want the desire to want the desire to run.

But until running does not make me sweat I will not be doing it. I do not like getting wet, even a little (that officially makes me a cat person, I believe). So swimming is also out. I go to the pool with my kids almost every day but I do not get in. I don’t usually even get in my suit unless the day is a scorcher. We usually go in the evening when the sun is not so burny. Yes, that means I am quite pale even in the summer but a) I have completely made my peace with that and find paleness quite attractive (although pale legs can be hideous, I’ll admit, and b) look at my skin! It’s wrinkle-free! That’s what you get for a lifetime of staying in the shade, people (and having good genetics).

Runners seem to have haggard skin.  I mean, who cares if you are thin when your skin is covered with lines and age spots?  Hey, that’s what I’m telling myself.  That’s yet another fantastic reason not to run. (And if you happen to be a runner with nice skin, just keep it to yourself, OK?)

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10 thoughts on “Let me just admit that I do not own any running shoes

  1. You are so funny! How do you NOT swim here! Okay, maybe I can see it more here than in AZ, but I love the pool. Love being in the water.

    I will do my best not to throw you in!

    As for running. I found out about 18 months ago that I really like the way I feel when I run. Not actually WHEN I run, but all day after when I have been running everyday.

    Of course, I don't actually LIKE to run, so it is hard to convince myself to do it. But I can only do it on a treadmill. I don't run on pavement! 😛

  2. I only run if something is chasing me. Many a time have I tried to get into it, and many a time I have quit. I loath running.

  3. I am a runner and yes, my skin is quite lined – I think it is from the "oh my goodness this really hurts" look that we hold on our faces the whole time we are running.
    P.S. I don't get in the water either…and I hopped over here from my dear friend Michelle's blog

  4. I am so bummed. Our local pool just instituted a "parent in the water policy" if your child cannot swim 25 yards solo. Which means that I must be within 10 feet of 2 of my children (IN THE WATER, not "on the deck") the whole time we are at the pool.

    So, um, what exactly are we paying all those lifeguards for? CPR?

    We may not swim much this summer.

  5. I am SOOOO with you on running! Actually, I can't run anymore; my knees have arthritis. But I used to love to run in spurts, like a little kid let loose. But I never loved dedicated running like Ben.

    I used to love to swim, too, until I realized how badly my skin itched when I got out. And staying out of the sun has been a lifetime preference. Too hot! Too boring!

  6. I tried running. It was something I suddenly felt a desire to do after 33 years. The day I ran the 1st time I pulled my back. Then I had to wait a day before I could move well enough, and the 2nd time I pulled my shoulder. That lasted over a week. I have not run since, I'll stick with walking.

    I'm with you, I do NOT enjoy sweating at all. Give me exercise that does not require sweat and I will be happy.

  7. We have so much in common! I don't run either! or swim! the swimming is just because I don't want to get my hair wet though… vain much?! yes I am! I like other forms of exercise but running is the bottom of the list. My husband and I are constantly discussing where we are going to fit both a treadmill and an elliptical machine into our tiny house since we want different things!

  8. I am with you. I don't like running. Or sweating.
    Hey, this is random, but last night I saw an ad for a new tv show called (I think) Rookie Blues or something like that, and I like the main female character might look like you!

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