I’ll be slaying my personal dragons that weekend.

I don’t know about you, but my blog isn’t about making money. On one hand I think, “trying to advertise seems so tacky. That feels like such a sell-out.” But on the other hand I think, “why not make money on something I already do? Especially since that’s what all the “big girls” do.” (Plus money in any form is always needed around here; the joys of having six kids and all.)

Thus far I’ve really wanted to make my blog more about my writing and have that be the most important thing, not earning money or finding sponsors (or photography. I have realized that I just don’t have the knack for taking pictures. It’s amazing what you can do with natural light and a decent camera, but it’s just not something I care that much about.) I think my writing has gotten a lot better since I began blogging, but it could definitely improve about a thousand percent. It’s a blog, so the quality will never be perfect (it doesn’t have to be! That’s what I love about blogs.) But I have aspirations of, you know, something bigger. But I’m not sure I’m up to the task. Which is why I am looking so forward to the Segullah Writer’s Retreat.

It’s for writers of all levels.  No need to be intimidated. I’ll let you in on a little secret, though: I am not really a writer and I am kind of embarrassed to go.  There I said it.  I never took anything beyond Freshman English in college and had never written anything more than a grocery list until I somehow the stars aligned and I was invited to do something with Segullah a couple of years ago.  But I’m not one of those people who has aspired to write.  Only, I find that I really am one of those people.  I was just too scared to admit it to myself.  Too scared to have people point and say, “you??? A writer?” and then fall on the floor laughing.

Every time I write I am sticking it to that voice of doubt in my head that says there is no way I could ever do anything decent. I’m a firm believer that trying is what silences those nasty negative voices. I know that as long as I doubt myself, I will doubt myself (profound, no?)   So I will be going to the Writer’s Retreat on June 26 in Salt Lake (including the very fun Studio Night the day before).

Let me just tell you that the women of Segullah are the loveliest, kindest women I have ever met.  They are not the snooty artistes that I picture most writers being like.  So if you feel scared about the idea of going, just shove those niggling voices right out of your mind and sign up, for Pete’s sake!   You can come and sit next to me.  I’ll be easy to find; I’l be the one with a neon sign over her head flashing, “not a real writer”.

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9 thoughts on “I’ll be slaying my personal dragons that weekend.

  1. Awesome! And as far as you not being a writer, I beg to differ! You are a fantastic, clever and witty writer. I love your style. And obviously others do too as you have a following! Have fun in UT. Sounds great.
    P.S. My word verification this time was"loogyroc." Isn't that gross?!

  2. I lovey our blog, so I imagine I'd love any book you wrote, no worries.

    The Segullah thing looks fun! I myself was going to attend CONduit this weekend (it's a convention for nerdy sci-fi/fantasy writers) but ultimately decided not to attend for a variety of reasons.


    I hope you have fun! I look forward to hearing about it.

  3. You don't have to have a degree to write. My mom is a high school drop out and she just finished her first book and has had short stories and poems published in the Ensign.

    Blogging has made me a better writer too. Sometimes I find that I just have to write. I have to get it out.

    Don't listen to your mean voice inside. You are a writer if you want to be.

  4. I hope you have a great time and I cannot wait until the fall when we can crash the blog parties in our backyard!

  5. Enjoy it! I would love to go to the retreat if for no other reason than to tell all the amazing Segullah writers how much I appreciate what they write (you especially). Keep sticking it to that voice, you are definitely showing him/her who is boss.

  6. Everybody (well, most people) can write a coherent sentence, and endless grad students write libraries full of dry facts. But YOU write with wit and verve and a special, inimitable voice which is absolutely delightful. Nobody could teach you what you do so amazingly well. It's an extension of your immortal personality. So, what's with that lying voice in your head?

  7. Ditto, Jennie. I am a complete writer wanna-be, and feel lucky to get to hang with the Segullah gals. I'm hoping that this year (with no baby in tow), I'll be able to glean much from everyone! See you soon!

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