The post where I will NOT talk about the noisiest family at church

You know what the really crummy thing about having lots of readers who know me in real life?  My ability to tell funny and mean stories/complain about people is severely thwarted.  For example, there is someone coming to visit me in a while and this person, although nice, causes me a great deal of stress.  My eyelid is already twitching, the first sign of stress in my life (the second being my back tied into knots in between my shoulder blades.  It not only hurts but makes it impossible to turn my neck.)  But I can’t tell you who it is because somebody somewhere will say something to that person.  Or that person may actually read this blog.  It’s cramping my style!

I love to talk about all the weird things that people I know do.  But you might know that person. Or might actually be that person.  So I can’t say anything.  That’s a drag. 

So now I’m stuck talking about things like makeup and Sandra Bullock’s new baby (which makes me so happy.  I don’t really know why, but I’m totally jazzed for her.  And now I hate that skank of a husband even more),  and Krud Kutter which is made of pure magic.

 It used to be you could only get Krud Kutter at paint stores but now you can find it just about anywhere (well, Target and Home Depot which are two of my favorite places*).  It got all the marker off of Ada’s old crib, dresser and walls (I had tried 409, Mr Clean Eraser and Goo Gone to no avail).  If you use it with a toothbrush it will get your sneakers (including the soles!) sparkling white.  It even takes off dried latex paint  (I can vouch for the paint claims.  I tend to be really gung ho when I start painting and always forget the drop cloth until it’s too late.  I never learn my lesson!)   This is how much I love the stuff:  I don’t even mind that they spell Krud Kutter with K’s and not C’s (normally a huge pet peeve).  

So there you have it; my superficial, non-gossipy comments of the day. Although I don’t really consider something gossip if it’s funny.  It’s only gossip if it’s mean.  In case you were wondering.

*is it just me or do you get the best customer service EVER at Home Depot?  I went yesterday and had five people ask if they could help me.  And I wasn’t even wearing blush or mascara!

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9 thoughts on “The post where I will NOT talk about the noisiest family at church

  1. MAN, Jennie! If YOU, the queen of calm, get twitching eyelids and cramped shoulder muscles over someone, that's EXTREME! And no amount of neck rubs will get it gone. (Maybe a very long, very hot soak? –that's if you tie up the babies first–) Perhaps you've been hanging out with Mister Psychosomatic too long.

    Very glad to know about Krud Kutter (I hate the K or C thing, too.) (Should I call you the Kween of Kalm?)


  2. Wow. If you can get past the K/C thing, it MUST be good.

    Totally can relate to the "clamp" on blog gossip. I'd have some of the most FASCINATING things to say. We'll just have to stick to the phone for our gossip!

  3. Home Depot is win. Apparently one time my mom actually had to deal with a poor-customer-service worker once, and after another employee heard about it, he gave her free installation on the carpet she was buying.


  4. Krud Kutter?! I have never heard of it! Good to know!!

    I totally agree on the Home Depot thing – there was some other place I was the other day and I was floored by how great the service was – because normally it sucks – and now I can't remember where that was…

  5. *Gasp!*
    No make-up or blush? was NOT make-up Monday, or you might have had a reader stop you and protest…

  6. Good to know about the Krud Kutter, I have many areas that have been kid damaged that are in need of something better than the magic eraser.

    I don't think that you should have to edit out the funny or mean stories just because someone might be reading this clever blog. Alright I am just saying that because I want in on the gossip and the weird things that other people do. I feel a lack of gossip lately, I wonder if that is supposed to be a good thing or just boring.

  7. There are a couple storied I'd love to tell online, but am unable to as people would recognize themselves.

    I am buying myself some Krud Kutter, (too bad it doesn't work on previously mentioned people as well as walls)

  8. I'm almost out of Krud kutter. I'm glad you reminded me. Now I know where to get more! Cause my tennis shoes sure need it.

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