Which one were you?

I’m over at Segullah today talking about labels. Not the cute kind you put on packages; the kind that we were given.  You know, “the funny one”, “the pretty one”, that kind of thing.

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5 thoughts on “Which one were you?

  1. Interesting thought. I think you're quite pleasant, Jennie. <3

    In my family, Danny is the "smart one", Andy is the "mean one" and Alex is the "tomboy".

    I'm either the "loud one" or the "one who taught all the neighbor kids about the birds and the bees and therefore made very bad impressions on all the parents growing up". 😀

  2. You'll always be "the awesome chick that gave me her cheesecake brownie recipe and called my ex a dooshbag which makes me laugh every time I think of it or eat brownies" to me!

  3. I was always "the sensitive one" growing up. "Oh Andrea, you are too sensitive!" That sort of thing. Hated it then, hate it now. Maybe it's true though…I could stand to toughen up a bit. Can you teach me you feisty thing you??

  4. Jennie, your mother now considers you the "Amazing One"

    Changing the subject completely, did you know that your brother Ben's sister-in-law, Bethany Hagerhorst, is publishing a new series called SPORTS PRINCESS? She's having a big contest for little girls from 0-10 to send in their photo's as jock princesses for a $250 drawing, plus prizes! So get Ada and Arabella dressed up like frilly jocks and join the fun. See Bethany's blog and contest at: http://mysportprincess.blogspot.com

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