Que bella vita

Maybe it’s the weather (sunny! warm!), maybe it’s the birds who sing their little hearts out all day, or maybe it’s just that my kids are all doing well right now and nobody has been grounded or in trouble all week (oh wait, Finn forgot his homework yesterday so he was grounded from screens and had to do yardwork instead, but that’s just a blip) but life seems really superb.

I realize that by saying this that I have just jinxed myself.  By the end of the week someone will be either throwing up, in a car wreck, or will have brought home a 75 on their report card.

But I can’t help it.  Life is just a bliss complete lately.  Not to make you feel bad or anything if your life has been sucking. Believe me, there has been a lot of suckage in my life over the last year (decade, actually), which makes the goodness even more pronounced.  

I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel strong and I feel gorgeous.  You’re not going to begrudge me that, are you? (or point out that I actually could stand to lose a few ellbees.)  

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8 thoughts on “Que bella vita

  1. Is 75 on a report card bad? Your life IS good! Glad to hear it.

    (And I'm afraid you did jinx yourself. I give you a month tops before suckage returns- enjoy while you can!)

  2. I think the chicken and dumplings were the right choice then. I really don't think that Chicken Fried Steak would have had the same effect!


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