Maybe this time I’ll like it

So I’ve been rolling my eyes about Twitter for quite some time.  I just didn’t get.  I still kind of don’t get it, but after three people in one week asked me if I’m on twitter I figured I ought to get my head out of the sand and just do it.

And it turns out that twitter is a little bit like crack.  There is a lot going on and it is very addictive.  (I’m kind of wishing A LOT that I had an iphone.  But then my internet addiction would get even more out of hand, I’m afraid.) Mostly on Twitter I feel like the odd man out but Sue has been posting some super great posts about figuring out the whole scene. Check them out here and here.

So now I’ve posted a twitter link over on the side, just in case you are interested.

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7 thoughts on “Maybe this time I’ll like it

  1. I've never understood Twitter and have just been ignoring it, but this made me think I'd feel less lonely up here in the Middle Of Nowhere if I tried it. If I take the plunge, I'll follow you 🙂

  2. If a little twitter means you won't write your funny, insightful, complaining blogs anymore, I WILL HATE TWITTER!

  3. I just can't go there. It is probably inevitable that I will end up there eventually, just like I did with blogging. But I'm trying to resist it because I am pretty sure it will take over my life.

  4. Tolja Twitter was awesomesauce!Can't believe there are still people who do not "get" Twitter. But that has inspired me to write a post, so I guess I should be grateful for them! LOL

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