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Tiffany (whose sunroom I’m very jealous of) had this great thing on her blog a while ago and it has intrigued me to no end.  It’s called formspring and the whole point of it is to ask people questions anonymously! How thrilling! 

So if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me, now is your chance!  Just click over here (I posed the first question just to see if it worked.  And it does.  And it is anonymous.  I had no idea I was asking myself something!)

Here are the questions so far:

Tell me about a fear you have overcome. by tiffanywbwg

As I mentioned earlier I get very afraid about getting lost and going to new places (the two go hand in hand). I’ve had to get over to some extent just living jand having kids. But last summer I decided that the kids and I were going to go on an outing every week to someplace we’d never been. It really terrified me, but I didn’t want them to have a lame, boring summer and I really wanted to explore Texas. So I’d plan as well as I could and we’d take off. We found some really great, fun things to do and I realized that going to new places isn’t really a big deal at all. I still get a little bit of anxiety when we have to go to a place I’ve never been before, but it’s nothing like it was before.

Do you assert yourself much? Or are you a people pleaser? by tiffanywbwg

I don’t really like to assert myself, but I definitely have it in me, if I need to. I find it much easier to do it when I’m around people I know than strangers. I really hate to be seen as a big bitch, so I try to avoid it if necessary. But at the same time, I hate being bossed around and I am not a doormat. I will definitely stand up for myself, but I hate to be bossy myself so it’s a fine line. I’m definitely NOT a people pleaser. I grew up knowing my own mind and putting myself first. That whole idea of doing something because it makes somebody else happy, not because I want to, is kind of foreign. I’m not totally selfish, but let’s just say that selflessness in marriage was a difficult lesson for me to learn.

Is it fair to have a favorite child? Do you have one?

I don’t really have a favorite child. But there are times when I like some children more than others. It changes with their ages and stages. They all get their moments in the sun, I think (although there are some that I have liked a lot from the beginning that I still like a lot).

Just curious about makeup Mondays, are you a professional or are these just your opinions?

Totally an amateur! But I think it’s nice to have someone non-threatening talk about what’s good and looks nice in the real world.

I did a quick search and did not find the answer to this question: Have you posted before and after photos from your plastic surgery? And was the surgery recent?

It was ten years ago and no, there are no before/after pics.

Don’t you miss the way the end of your nose would move up and down slightly when you spoke pre-surgery? I do.

I don’t believe that actually happened but was a conspiracy among my family members to make fun of me.

Do you like Sex? (or is that gross?)

Yes, I like it very much. But I just want to state for the record that if I say, “I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed”, it’s not an invitation to get busy half an hour later. I’m not playing hard to get.

What’s the answer to the question you hope someone will ask?

It just about killed me. I still want to write back and say I was all wrong.

Who is your favorite person to go to lunch with? ;D

Well, Lorie, I love to go out to lunch with just about anyone. Going out to lunch is my favorite. Although I usually talk too much and it ends up taking up half of the day as poor Jenn found out last week.

Jennie, how did you get to be so beautiful and have such an awesome personality? (OK, this is my question, I admit it.)

Well, I’m just lucky (and I’ve had plastic surgery).

Was it plastic surgery on your face or your personality?

Ha ha. It was on my face (chin! Or where I was supposed to have a chin but didn’t. And some lipo on my neck. And I got the bridge of my nose made skinnier. I know, who ever thinks “the bridge of my nose is too wide?” Well, me I guess.  If you’ve ever had plastic sugery you know that it makes you feel just a little bit happier about yourself. Which is sad, I guess, because we should all be happy with who we are inside, blah, blah, blah. But there it is.

Do you think beehive hairdo’s will ever come in style? My mom had a sweet one.

I hope so. Because I think you only have to wash your hair like once a week when you have a beehive.

Are you doing kegels right now?

No, but I should be.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like Austin?


What was your personality like before plastic surgery?

Still awesome.

Would you rather be a famous musician or a famous actor?

Neither. I think fame is generally a pretty bad thing. At least that’s what I have learned from just about every celebrity exposé. But I would love to be a really talented musician. But not an actor. I think acting is weird.

What’s your favorite way to spend $25?

Oooh, good one! A trip to Half-Priced Books for something good to read and then to Charming Charlie’s for some cheapo but cute accessories. And then definitely something sweet. Perhaps and Apple Pie apple from Rocky Mountain Candy. If anything is left I would download some music.

Who do you like best in your ward?


Who was your favorite babysitter of all time?

It’s a tie between Colby, Cassidy and Charlie!

If you could change one thing about your personality what would it be?

I can be a real scaredy cat sometimes. I completely have to psyche myself up to go to new places. I hate the feeling of being lost/not knowing where I’m going. It makes me really uptight.

What are three words that describe your childhood? Your adolescence? Your young adulthood? Your adulthood?

Uhhh, that’s too much mental exertion for a Friday.

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  1. It is kind of a fun idea, isn't it?

    P.S. Come and sit in my sunroom and we'll ask each other anonymous questions!

  2. Okay. That is cool. But of course I asked a question that was already answered (I have a problem with not reading all the way through things…)

  3. I want to play! And I don't mean asking you questions. (I think I already know everything about you.) How soon is too soon to copy?

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