Jeans–why do you hate me so?

You guys, all this week I’ve been trying on jeans. I used to not mind trying on jeans. They were just another pair of pants. But things aren’t so good now. I’m especially dreading the oncoming return of skinny jeans because they do not do my extremely hourglass figure (i.e. big ol’ hips) any favors.

Do you know what kind of jeans I ended up with? The ones with the built-in tummy panel.


But not nearly as gross as my “mom pooch” busting out of my pants.

So there you go.

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9 thoughts on “Jeans–why do you hate me so?

  1. Watched a What Not to Wear today where the hosts explained to a skeptical woman that the average participant on the show has to try 25 different pairs of jeans on before she finds one that fits.

    It's not just you.

    Skinny jeans can look fabulous on you, I bet you can pull them off.

  2. Good Heavens I don't think that you can just put that up there and not show us a picture of what you ended up with. Did you end up with something that fit and worked?

    Also I will not be going to Express for jeans if that is all they carry. Thanks for the heads up on that one.

  3. Welcome to the land of "Over 35" (we wont say how FAR over, but let me assure you pant's get harder as the years add up. (Thank goodness for the resurrection.)

    I love that your blog has links to previous posts, EVEN THOUGH I WASTE HALF MY LIFE READING THEM. Fortunately, due to growing senility, every old post I read is new to me! And delightful! You are a great and funny writer! (Is there any way to go back to your first blog and work my way through them all?)

  4. Um, Shana, you're like a size 2 on a fat day, so I have to take your recommendation with a grain of salt. But I am intrigued by Cheryl Crow jeans. Almost as intrigued as I was to stumble across the Reba McIntyre line also at Dillard's. I think of her as more a Wal-Mart kind of gal.

  5. if express has 2s and 4s, i'm headed over there right now!! just my size!!

    i would offer jeans recommendations but i can barely find jeans for myself.

    i do hear that HEM downtown offers some really good options. And they hem them right there for you on the spot. Hence the name. Clever. I believe they are pricey, but sometimes for a good pair of jeans it might be worth it. I'm looking for the miracle pair myself.

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