Get-to-Know-Jennie Week, Day 2

I am an oldest child, but I somehow missed out on that “responsible oldest child” thing.  I was a good girl for the most part. But responsible? Notsomuch. I got the worst grades ever. I’m smart but I’ve always felt like homework was silly and cramped my style. I nearly flunked out of 5th grade because of missing assignments. Middle school wasn’t much better.  Even college was a bit of a disaster. Every report card I’ve ever gotten has a variation of “Jennie is not fulfilling her potential”.   My feelings were always, “meh, who cares what the teacher thinks?”

I also have an impossible time saving money.  If I have it I spend it.  The End. I’m not a cheap person (obviously, because cheap people like to save money) but I do love a good value.  I also love the thrill of the hunt (that’s a shopping hunt I’m talking about).   Anytime I see something cute I wonder if I can make it.  If not, can I find it cheaper on the internet? (answer: almost always!)

I’m responsible now, of course.  Nothing like a husband, six kids, a house and a dog to beat the fun-loving irresponsibility out of any girl.  However I still try to bounce a check occasionally and arrive late for things just to show The Man that I still have a little bit of my slacker mojo going on.

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7 thoughts on “Get-to-Know-Jennie Week, Day 2

  1. I like that you can still show the man who you are even with all the responsibility that you carry.

    So besides really great place settings and sparkle toes, what else do you like to spend your money on.

  2. Getting to know Jennie is fun.

    But the thought of bouncing a check makes my butt cheeks clench. And I break out in a sweat.

    Not turning in an assignment? Forgetaboutit.

  3. Ah, all so true of you. So very true. How you guys have managed to remain solvent with two big spenders in the family is beyond me. Oh wait, you do have India.

  4. I'm sure India is a good example to both her parents.

    Jennie, you have ALWAYS marched to a different Mozart Piano Concerto! (No simple drums for our Jennie)

    And slacker Mojo – Hahahaahahahahahaah!

    Now you are mostly reformed. You simply take a few occasions to lock yourself in the bathroom and blog while the dog poops on the stairway, Jasper empties all the cereal onto the pantry floor, and the younger girls carefully distribute every single item of clothing, book and toy they own across every horizontal surface in their room.


  5. Good for you…stick it to the man! ;D

    But I am alway crazy early. Being late DRIVES ME NUTS! So when we are best friends I will just have to meet you there! ;D

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