I’m supposed to be writing a post for Segullah right now.  I have two pieces that I’ve been working on and neither of them looks very promising.  They are just not turning out. The writing muse can be rather fickle, I’m afraid.  So instead of banging my head against the wall and wondering why I chose writing to express my creativity, I spent some time looking for a hooked rug on ebay. Yes, a rug on ebay.  I bought a huge beautiful one for my entry hall and got it last week.  It looks great and it was only $64. Do you know how expensive rugs normally are? This was such a fantastic deal.

Then I spent some time looking at the People of Walmart blog.  That is some funny stuff.  And it reassures me that my choice to never shop at Walmart has been a wise one.

I’ve checked my email a few times, but nobody has much to say to me after 11 pm.

I haven’t checked facebook today. I’d better head over there next. That should help me finish my blog post (suuure it will, Jennie).

OK, back now.  Nothing good on facebook.  Better check out Celebrity Baby Blog. Hey, Lisa Loeb is having a baby!  Good for her!  Did anyone watch that reality show she had a few years ago about trying to find a husband?  It was really good.  Maybe you can get it on Netflix.  I don’t remember the name of it, and I’m too tired to look it up.  Lisa Loeb is one of those celebrities that seems normal and like a person that would be fun to hang out with. She also looks incredibly great for her age.

Oh shoot.  I just realized I forgot to finish cleaning the kitchen.  I hate that. I think I’ll just go to bed so I don’t have to think about dirty countertops or the fact that I have lame ideas and no writing skills.

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9 thoughts on “Instead

  1. are you talking about the show Number 1 Single? I seriously loved that show. I was sad it didn't continue.

  2. I say go with the "My Brownies are so TOTALLY more righteous than yours" statement and ride the wave… Who doesn't like talking about food?

    Yeah, I am so fixated on your cooking………..

  3. Yes,Paige, Number One Single! That was it. I never saw the end of it. Although now I know Lisa got married and is now pregnant. Happily ever after!

  4. Honestly, HOW do you FIND these blogs?! I am so disturbed after checking out the WalMart one. I get the heebie-jeebie shivers just thinking about what I saw…

  5. OH HAH! JENNIE! You do too shop at Wal-Mart when there is one around! And when you do, you back into a far corner so nobody can see your "I HATE WAL-MART" bumper sticker and bash a dent in your car. You can only be self-righteous because the nearest Wal-Mart to you is an hour and a half away!

    And you are a SPLENDID writer!

  6. Mom, you are on drugs. There is a walmart ten minutes away and I have never backed my car into the parking lot and dented it.

  7. Jennie, while your mom may be on drugs because you live near a few Walmarts, she was saying that there is a bumper sticker on YOUR car that says something about hating Wally World, and that you park in the corner so that if any loyal shoppers may see you, the COULD back into you. I get your mom. lol

    I guess that's not the point of your post is it? Anyway, you can write just fine, Jennie.

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