Here’s a hypothetical

If you were to spend the weekend in Dallas doing this:

And came home to find this sitting next to your sink, what would you do? 

Would you figure that the babysitter bought some sort of weird potatoes to feed to your kids?  And then would you pick it up to examine it closer?

That would be the WRONG CHOICE!

Because that red thing would actually turn out to be the top of a prickly pear cactus, full of tiny little prickery spines.


It would appear that one of my children, in a moment of utter stupidity, decided not only to pick up the cactus in the first place, but to also bring it home and leave it in the kitchen.

And I’ve just spent the last half an hour with tweezers and a magnifying glass trying to get those little stickles out of my palm and fingertips.

But we did have a great time with our friends from Utah at the BYU game.  Not to mention, of course, 48 hours child-free!  And the house was still clean when we got home!  And everyone was happy (except maybe the babysitter who actually took all six of my kids to church).  

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8 thoughts on “Here’s a hypothetical

  1. You need to call me first on that one…I knew immediately what that was!! I also grew up here with some in the next door neighbors front yard (which by the way, were there to keep kids out of her yard…not her favorite day when a family with 11 kids moved in next door!!) Glad you had fun at the game!!

  2. What is that shirt you're wearing? I think that might be the first time IN MY LIFE I've seen you wear a sports shirt.

  3. Ok ouch that sucks! My first thought was it's some kind of freakish TX bug!

    My "what is that and do I dare touch it rule" says – never use your fingers. First pick up a utensil of some kind and poke whatever it is to check for movement. If no response…use said utensil to push object into a garbage bag. That way you avoid prickles and/or poisonous bug tentacles.

  4. Karma. Universal Balance. The fact that you were actually in attendance to such an amazing game had to be offset by something lousy (ie, a cactus encounter.)

    Seriously, I watched the game on TV and still get shivers thinking about how great it was. I'm jealous of Mr. I'm sure he'll talk about it for a long time. Tell him he's a lucky dog.

  5. So if Mr. and Ben both loved the game, I guess the Y won– YAAAAAYYY! So THAT'S what you were doing in Dallas.

    I knew that was a prickly pear cactus fruit immediately, because I see them all the time here in the grocery stores. Somehow the Mexicans eat them and say they are delicious. But they would have to give me strong proof of either proposition without MY having to do any preparation.

    That sitter deserved a planet-sized tip!

    I love your blog! It makes my day!

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