Baby India

Would someone please tell me how I could possibly have a fourteen-year-old?  I mean, when did that happen?  

I lucked out with this girl. She’s the best child a mom could hope for.

Love you India! Happy birthday!

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13 thoughts on “Baby India

  1. That gives me hope! I hate seeing so many people bemoaning their awful teenage girls – I know mine is only 2, but am incredibly optimistic. Maybe if you just love the crap out of them they'll turn out like one of those rare how-did-I-luck-out-with-this-girl kind of girls? here's to hoping, you luckylucky gal 🙂

  2. What she is fourteen already? Wow time really does fly. I was thinking that we just brought her into young womens…I suppose that really was two years ago. WOW!

    This is a really great photo of the two of you. Actually it makes me really wish that I had your amazing skin. A big Happy Birthday to you India.

  3. Truth to tell (and it is a heavy burden for any girl to bear) India is as perfect a girl as this world is likely to see. Intelligent, more beautiful all the time, talented, willing to work and serve others, a peacemaker, gentle, kindly, loving, honorable, even-tempered, and just plain righteous! Who can attribute "righteousness" to a 21st Century teenager? India has always been that way. How very blessed I am to be her grandmother, and to have known her LO, these 14 years!

    Thank you for being our wonderful girl, India Jane Hildegard W.! I love you with all my heart! You are a far better person at 14 than I am at 66!

    Love forever!

  4. You really do look like sisters. Your makeup is so pretty. I think a tutorial/look inside your makeup bag is called for!

  5. what a sweet picture. i am so happy to hear that india is such a great girl. happy belated birthday to your lovely daughter.

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