All quiet on the Texan front

I always tear up a little when the kids walk out the front door on the first day of school.  I fix a nice breakfast to mark the specialness of the first day.  

This year we ate yogurt and left-over Texas Sheet Cake.

I forgot to buy bread, so the sandwiches for their lunches? A bit, um, moldy. But at least I didn’t make them eat hot lunch on the first day of school. I don’t do hot lunch until I’ve burned out a little more (meaning the very next day).

After the last person left for school (except the babies, darn it.  They’re the most trouble and they don’t start school until tomorrow), I let out a hosanna shout and cleaned off my kitchen table.

And it stayed clean all day.
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7 thoughts on “All quiet on the Texan front

  1. Woooohooo!

    Oh, for a clear and clean table… it's one of those things I'm CERTAIN will help the chaos of my days, but it just never happens.

    Enjoy your time to yourself!

  2. That's my kind of breakfast…I was thinking of you and made pancakes the first day. It's probably the only time all year!!

  3. A hosanna shout for a momentarily clean temple of domesticity, no doubt.

    But I'll but yours was a SHOUT, and not a reverent mumble.

  4. LOVE IT! You should have sent Texas sheet cake to lunch too! That would have been the best day ever!

    And Austin MIGHT be back on again…such a crazy life I live at the moment. So I will keep you posted. Because I know you want me to move in next door to you. Doesn't everyone want a crazy lady from the internet next door?

  5. Oh, I love the quiet and the fact that I can go back to bed after my little guy goes back to school…but he still has another week and a half—sigh.

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