Is your mind in the gutter or is it just mine?

I decided not to go with the Mountain Dew cupboard pulls (I know, such a pity).  Instead I’m thinking of these (I need all the shininess I can get so I’m going with chrome.  Mission impossible, by the way.  All cabinet hardware comes in nickel, these days.  If that’s not what you want, too bad.)
Sorry the pics are so small.

I think they’re very cute, but when I look at them from straight on they remind me of . . . areolas. What do you think? Too nipplish?

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14 thoughts on “Is your mind in the gutter or is it just mine?

  1. Affirmed — YOUR mind is in the gutter. No, actually, you are still too close to motherhood. Besides, Who ever heard of a concave areola?

    I'm glad you aren't getting the long narrow ones — I'm sure you remember how Grandma Emogene ripped all the flesh off her ring finger when it caught on a projection like that as she fell.

    Plus I'M SO GLAD YOU ARE FINALLY GETTING KNOBS AT ALL!!!!!! I was breaking all kinds of fingernails groping for those recessed grooves in the doors.

  2. Don't worry about it being nipple-ish, because my powder room has a penis shadow in the sink. I noticed one day while brushing my teeth that the water faucet creates a shadow from the light fixture above. It's hard to think of anything now!

  3. hehe Well, I guess it depends just how Kinky you want things to be! 😉

    Maybe it won't look quite like that once you have it on your cupboards.

  4. they're cute! I actually didn't think about the nipple thing until you mentioned it.

    But, you know chrome ALWAYS looks dirty, right? You're going to have to polish those every five minutes or they're going to look like brushed nickel from all the finger prints. I'd go with a different finish, if I were you.

  5. I think hardware really helps cabinetry look finished. I'm sure what ever you end up with, you'll be happy with it. I'm just relieved you're not going with the Mountain Dew ones because I think you'd get tired of those quickly.

  6. my pregnant nips look nothing like that! can't wait for when they do again! however, i do love a good set of knobs.

  7. re: the mormon glossary. thanks for that – learn something new every day. i've been known to waste company resources by cruising blogs and you mormons sure like to blog it up! yours is different than most in that the temple in salt lake isn't prominently displayed somehow.

    it is similar, though, in that it is pretty kid-centric. also, all the chicks are good-looking. which works for me.

    there's no way that we episcopalians (read "heathens") could spend 3 hours in church so please pray for us.

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