Don’t tempt me

I’ve been looking for some cabinet knobs to jazz up my somber kitchen. Currently we have none. It’s just one plain cabinet door after another. Combine that with dark granite counters and a brownish/khaki-ish tile floor and it feels like I’m cooking in a cherry wood coffin. Painting the cabinets is out of the question–simply too much work for this old girl.

I combed ebay today looking for some cheap options (“cheap” being the key word; 17 drawers and 33 doors add up). I found some door handles that really spoke to me, but I don’t know . . . .

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12 thoughts on “Don’t tempt me

  1. Hahahaahahaha!!! That's definitely your brand, but a little too commercial for a high-class, preppie like you.

  2. I love those! Think of all the comments you will get when people see them. I love little surprises like that, the unexpected. I have a croquet mallet above my kitchen door, just because I like it. Go for it!

  3. They totally scream Jennie…I think you should go for it…at leas on one cabinet?! maybe your bathroom!

  4. Hardy har har. Although ebay is the place to look. We got our wonderful oil-rubbed bronze knobs with the wheat on them for less than $1 a piece, which is fantastic considering that they're like $4-6 a piece in stores.

  5. I guess you finally found out what color your slipcover is. A green and red print.

    LOVE IT. You really MUST buy them all.

  6. I would TOTALLY do that!

    Scissors and clear nail polish or furniture varnish adds any label to any surface too (if you already have handles…=)

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