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  1. alright so I read your little post on church callings, and I was laughing because I was on a different side of that ward split and I was sooo hoping for a new calling when that happened.

    I think that there is a certain glory that comes with the "big" callings but what really happens on the other side of that calling nobody wants to know about or deal with, so I am with you a big no thanks to the RS president spot, but who am I kidding I am the one that they stick in with the kids so I guess that I don't have to worry about that.

    I think that ward chorister would be on my no thank you list as well, lets fact it who loves the idea of standing in front of everyone on Sunday, especially if you are not loving how you look that day, or ever.

    But I do love the enrichment committee calling that was one of my favorites.

  2. I didn't post on Segullah, but loved your take on callings.

    That said, I have been RS pres. twice and it was very soul-stretching and challenging for me. I am one of those bossy types who loves to be in charge, so in that sense it wasn't hard. But, it was a challenge to do it with the right spirit and not feel important for being called to this big calling.

    I loved how it made me know who every sister was. That is something everyone should do.

    Now I am in one of those made-up easy callings: Relief Society liaison to the missionary program (translation: I go to the gospel essentials class and befriend any women there). Works for me! (and sometimes they have me teach when they will be out of town).

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